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    Connecting Slingbox from Computer to TV

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      This is the first time I've done this so please bare with me. Back in June of 2013 my brother and mom bought a Slingbox so I would be able to watch my favorite teams back home. I thought that I had a "smart tv" because it had an internet page. After getting the box and it not working, my daughters boyfriend said he knew what would work. He went out and got a NeoTV Player. It worked great! We hooked it up to the tv and ran the neoplayer via Wi-Fi to the tv. Well all of a sudden sometime last year towards the end of baseball season it stopped working. Because the neoplayer was out of warranty they wouldn't help me. I then bought another new player exactly the same and it didn't work so I called the neoplayer people and spent around 2 hours trying to get the player to work. It didn't. They had no suggestions so now I'm back to the beginning of baseball season and I still can't find a way to get the Slingbox to connect to my TV. Does anyone have any suggestions?

      Hope someone can help.