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      Dear SlingMedia,


      I don't even really use the Mac player that often. Maybe twice in the 6 months that I have had it. I usually air play to my Apple TV. I've always held off on writing a review of the product because I truly didn't think there was anyone else better on the market and hopped for continuous improvements. In the last couple months of owning the M1, the only so called "improvement" i've seen was the introduction of ads. Well thanks for that. So while the ads really do not even affect me in their current form, I took the liberty of writing a somewhat damaging review just for the giggles and damage to the brand that I know it will cause.


      Thank you!

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          BrandonC Novice

          Where is your review?

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              Amazon. I recommend we continue to pile on the one stars and costing Sling bing $$

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                  I just posted a review on the amazon UK site - It may not have been a particularly positive review but it was honest (1 star).


                  The new desktop software is terrible - The ads being the icing on the cake, no web plugins for the M1 model so no streaming via browser, aspect ratio seems slightly off and to my eye the bitrate is far lower than previous models so picture quality on a large display sucks.

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                This is horrible customer relations. I bought  my first Solo 10 years ago and have loved it ever since, well until now. I bought the 500 for the HD, which worked great until I was forced to use the new plugin. I'll never use it again the adds are a disgrace.

                I will tell everyone to go with Amazon Stick. STAY AWAY FROM SLINGBOX.

                In all reviews give Sling one star. Go to every web review site you can and one star it.


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