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    Slingbox just says initializing

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      I have tried restarting laptop. Deleting browser history/cookies/etc. Tried using different browser. Nothing works stays stuck on initializing forever. Antivirus is turned off.

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          Having same problem on an older desktop that is out in the backyard shed that hasn't been used all winter, maybe something to do with updating the browser??  Using a solo and it works ok on all the other computers around the house, but most of them are newer, have one older one will have to try and see if it works there too.


          Any ideas??

          There used to be a chat line with slingbox but I don't see it listed on the website any more, Gonzo??

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              It used to work fine on this laptop. Last time was I used it was probably 3 months ago or so. Now suddenly nothing. Real pain. I'd try it on my phone but I think you have to buy the app which I don't feel like paying for especially if it isn't going to work. Plus I didn't buy the slingbox to watch on a small phone screen.