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    No Love 4 Ads

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      Slingmedia REMOVE the ADS !!!!!

      ...And no, nobody likes them!


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          I agree. The ads are horrible. I've already paid for the Slingbox. If you give one to me free, then I can support ads. Otherwise, please get rid of them ASAP! This is not acceptable!

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            As a long time SlingBox/Tivo owner I am very annoyed at these ads.  To the point that I will likely throw my system out as soon as I have a chance to find a reasonable replacement.


            How dare you force these ads on me at home.  I am not using a "free" service.  This is a really bad thing.  Likely to ensure that I never buy a product from you again.  Which is sad I was looking forward to adding a replacement newer slingbox within the next few months.


            Not only did you place Adsthey Dominate the display.   WHY WOULD I EVER BUY SOMETHING LIKE THIS........


            Really bad choice......



            --- PS

            a very disappointed user

            and previously loyal happy customer.

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              With the new AD CHOICES--I am looking for a replacement for Slingbox.  Any ideas?

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                It will be interesting to see if Slingbox will give thier customers what they want.  However seeing that problem has lasted so long it appears that Slingbox no longer cares about their customers and the quality of their products.  If you are able to, maybe you should just return it for a refund and explain to the retailer why you are returning. No need to run ads when you have ads during the shows you may be watching.  Another example of greed.  Time to ditch the cable and slingbox and go back to the outside antenna.

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                  SlingBox / SlingMedia...How dare you! You have cluttered my Sling Player with ads and now are forcing me to watch full commercials before I can access the SlingBox I paid for. I was an early adopter and one of your first customers. I have upgraded to new hardware several times. I have recommended you to countless friends and family. NO MORE!!!!


                  You have lost my faith and trust in you. I should not be forced to sit through an intrusive commercial to access a device I paid hundreds of dollars for, to access a TV service I pay for. When I purchased my SlingBoxes, I did NOT agree to your greedy advertising money grab. Your new intrusive advertising has lost me as a customer.


                  I will be ripping out all my Sling devices and replacing with something that does not force UNWANTED ads.

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                    I now have the same level of loathe for Sling as I have for X-10 internet ads


                    I'm returning the two M2's I bought as gifts.