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    Problems after add-on update

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      Slingbox has become nearly unusable after this addon update. Poor picture quality sound is mispaired, cuts out freezes every few minutes. I've tried every browser same horrible quality on both. Used to work almost perfectly.


      I tried getting on different computer and not updating browser addon but of course it won't work until you update. I thought having to watch the ad before watching the content was annoying but the adds everywhere now are even more so.


      Remote hotkeys from keyboard function incorrectly now.


      Please make the desktop app available for the 350.


      I have a slingbox 350 mainly watching on a  windows computer hooked up to tv.


      Is anyone else having the same misfortunes?

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          I agree Larry! Ever since they put out the new web based add-on in Firefox at least. It has been horrible. Never had a problem with it before. But yet since last add-on update i would say 3-4 times a day about i am getting the same thing Larry is getting. Not to mention you can't double click the screen to go to full screen. You Have to click the arrows up top and i hate it. Please go back to the older version or fix this one soon/!!!!