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    Apple TV from Slingplayer on iPhone.  Stretched 4:3 aspect ratio.  Won't play in 16:9

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      I have been having issues with playing my Slingplayer App to Apple TV.  Everything thing else on my Apple TV plays fine and in the proper aspect ratio except the Slingplayer app.  To begin, I start streaming video on my iPhone 6 with the latest Slingplayer software version 3.8.38 which looks and sounds good and then, while connected to wi-fi, I click the airplay button and select my brand new Apple TV.  After a moment, the content shows up on the TV but it is clearly a 4:3 image that is being stretched to fit a 16:9 screen creating an ugly image.  This is not an issue with the Apple TV or the Samsung TV.  I have tried it on multiple inputs with multiple settings and I still get the same result.  It is obviously an issue with the Slingplayer app and some sort of compatibility issue.  On the flip side, if I connect to Slingplayer through my macbook and connect via Airplay, the image is good quality and fill the screen as expected. 


      This is a known issue that Slingplayer is not addressing.  The link below is to previous forum posts and no solutions or suggestions were given to the users. 


      Airplay to AppleTV 16x9


      Slingbox support, what can I do to fix this issue?