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    At&t U-Verse Cisco ISB 7005

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      I set up my SlingBox Solo the other day with a composite video source connection and did the entire setup process. Everything was working just fine. Then today I decided to change the video source from composite to a HD component source. After changing the wires, I tried re-doing the setup process but whenever I get to the remote control setup, I start having issues. I've tried hundreds of different remotes and none of them seem to work. I've searched all over the community help site and tried all of those suggestions but none of them have worked either. I've tried calling customer support and all they can say is order new IR blasters (which I really don't want to do because mine were working just fine yesterday and others who ordered new ones said that didn't fix their problem). I'm able to see video and everything, just that none of the remotes I've tried have worked. Does anyone have a solution for me?