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    No Video Signal - Slingbox 350 and Motorola DCT700 set top box

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      I just set up my Slingbox 350, but I'm not getting a video signal on my laptop. The audio is there.


      Is there a certain/special cable needed to be able to use my Slingbox 350 with the Motorola DCT 700 set top box to have a video signal?


      The current configuration has the coax cable signal coming into the DCT700 set top box from the Verizon router and the signal out is a coax cable to the TV.


      I believe I need the signal to flow in the following order:

      Verizon Router to the DCT700 set top box to the Slingbox to the TV.


      As the coax cable that is currently coming "out" of the DCT700 and is going to the TV, it seems I need a coax cable that can come out of DCT700, and instead of going to the TV, go to the Slingbox. Then Slingbox to the TV.Since there is no coax input on the Slingbox 350, the cable would have to be coax on one end for coming out of the DCT700 and then on the other end have the 3 audio and video plugins for the Slingbox to receive it.


      Does this sound correct, and does such a cable exist, or is the DCT700 set top box just not compatible with a Slingbox 350?


      Any advice, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.