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    New firefox plugin update buggy!


      The most recent update to the sling plugin for firefox is EXTREMELY Buggy. Video is choppy since the update, and the full screen feature is very wonky (when video cuts out, the window resizes, etc.) Please fix this!!!

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          I have had the same problem.

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            Same problem ever since the plugin update.  What POS,  I get "Plugin has stopped working" error, the remote disappears and I cannot get it back, then followed not too long after by the SlingBox app crashing completely.    The fullscreen message is simply stupid and the ad banners at the bottom are ridiculous.  REALLY SlingBox???  Get this Fixed Fast and communicate with your users.  This has been going on now for a week for me.


            Oh, and if you even think of charging me $29.95 for support over this issue you are going to get more than an ear full.