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    Last update only benefits Slingbox, not customers

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      We have been loyal Slingbox users and have enjoyed our service for many years while living outside the US.  We work of a company that has thousands of international employees and we have always praised Slingbox.  After this last update, no more!  I can not find one benefit to the customer.  The ads are a totally ridiculous revenue stream for this media. We will go out of our way to not visit the companies that advertise via Slingbox banner ads.  These ads do stick with us, only to remind us how little respect Sling has for it's loyal customer base.

      Along with this update we also no longer have keyboard control of the onscreen remote.  This is REALLY frustrating! We use the computer in our living room as a tv, so from the couch it is impossible to see the remote control options, even with 20/20 vision.  As we are outside the US, there is a 3 second delay on our remote. We are used to that. However, now the onscreen remote times out while fast forwarding or rewinding making it difficult to control the playback.  Maybe Sling is hoping the revenue from the ads will make up for the loss of it's loyal customer base. 

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          My Pro HD box has worked just fine for several years, but now with the "new management" team, ads and software/firmware upgrades; it just locks up and goes to a zero bit rate.  Support said it was the power supply, so they sent a new one.  Didn't help; now they claim it is Comcast's fault.  Easy to blame their competitor and play the conspiracy theory rather than fix it.  So we ran tests to see if Comcast really did throttle the feed.  They didn't appear too have done anything, as tests of upload and download speeds  at the source and end user location came in just fine.  We checked all the cables - all are new and working fine - no router issues, firewall problems, etc. - all in order.



          Now they want me to pay for support, again, and "we make no promises" that we can fix it.  Really - pay you to do nothing again???  I think they are government as we pay them to screw stuff up too.


          Seems to me that the problem is Slingbox, but all they do is blame someone else.  I wish they would have just left it alone.  Don't fix what isn't broken.  Well now it is "broken" and they suggest I buy a new box, since I am out of warranty.  That adds up to a box a year.  Seems price and a bit outrageous.  Time to dump Slingbox for a service that wants my business and will support its products. 


          Hey management - terrible business model and I'll never swap to your satellite TV and Hopper sales pitch after they way you have treated me with your purchase of Slingbox.  You have managed to turn a loyal customer who recommended your products into one that will tell anyone that will listen, what **** you are selling and how bad it works (or does not work). 


          Extremely disappointed in your greed and disregard for your customers.  Shame on you.


          PS: Forget the mobile apps for the phone - they don't work correctly either and they charge for those too.