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    Full Screen and Ads

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      So I finally managed to set up the Slingbox 350 (had tried to connect via a HDMI splitter to my Sky+HD box but did not work so now just using the composite cables.


      My issue is this, when I watch via another source (Mac or iPad) the picture does not fill the screen and there are constant ads.


      I have tried using an ad blocker and I have tried adjusting the settings to make the screen bigger but no luck.


      I'm moving abroad soon and had really wanted this all set up and working - spent an absolute fortune so far and now left with a tiny, poor picture and ads.


      What am I doing wrong.  I have tried calling around to get a tech in but nobody seems to know anything about Slingbox installation etc.


      Any help would be much appreciated.



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          You're not doing anything wrong. It's Slingbox who are.


          Some idiot in the company seems to think that it is a good idea to suddenly introduce adverts into the interface. It ruins the watching experience.


          The only glimmer of hope is that slingbox are having their reputation trashed just about everywhere right now. Here is hoping that it makes them change their mind. This is the sort of decision that drives customers away in droves, especially when they have spent so much on the hardware (and sometimes apps) as they have.

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            I am a happy user of my slingbox for 3 yers. It have works fine, until now !

            After last update, my picture dosen´t fit my screan and a ads from google, in spanish, splash every hope for future use of my slingbox.

            After the ads, my dealer, dont vant to sell slingboxes any more... Good !


            i searching after alternatives to slingbox right now.

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                Any luck in finding alternatives?


                I've spent over $1000 on sling box over the last 10 or so years... but I have definitely spent my last dollar with sling... I'm not sure what moron in the company thinks the words "full screen" means taking of the bottom 20 percent with a spanish language ad for breakfast cereal, and the right hand 25 percent with the virtual copy of my remote control; which I do not need to stare at while watching tv... but that person needs to buy a dictionary and look up the word "full".


                If you or anyone has an alternative; def reply to this message! I hate to just simply give up the ability to stream my TV; but if it's between nothing and sling, I'm definitely going with nothing.

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                It's an awful way of working but...I can zoom up the screen to 120% and the ads get pushed off of the page.