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    Cable Box Has No Component Connections

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      Hi all.  My new Xfinity X1 box only has HDMI out and input connections (no component).  I am trying to connect my Slingbox 350 to this but since there are no component hookups it has become rather frustrating.  I have tried an adapter like this:  http://www.brilliantstore.com/hdmi_cables_dekcell_cpa_1368.html


      Connecting the HDMI to the cable box output then the composite to the Slingbox's red,green,and blue plus the red and white for audio and nothing.  I even tried this:  http://www.google.com/shopping/product/13740215030130981670?lsf=seller:6136318,store:17491507269877612524&prds=oid:6956024078455176501&hl=en&ei=XKsWVeuOBMK3oQS384CYBQ&gclid=CIn0iMOSy8QCFYVqfgod-Z8AhQ


      This did not work either. Is there someone that can help explain to me exactly how to hook this up correctly and/or what cords or adapters/splitters I might need.  Ideally I am wanting to run my Slingbox through my HDMI and then my TV through the Components.  Thank you in advance!