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    Class Action - Should be interesting.


      Well I guess I'm going to be that guy - Nothing will come of this as i'm sure we signed something in the EULA but I'll be dropping this off with an old college friend that works for a class action firm and see if its worth pursuing.


      But at the very least maybe we can get an answer out of where the ADs came from. I could see them implementing this for a tiered purchasing system (think Amazon's Kindle with ads, Kindle without ads) to lower the price point on NEW customers. But us old users?!? Seriously? This was your answer? No one likes asking for extra money, but seriously this was the wrong way to go about it. Matt I hope your reading this and take it back to "the team". 


      What a lot of us overlook is there are back end expenses that Sling encounters and I knew it was only a matter of time until something like this had to happen. They need a recurring revenue stream to keep the backend servers/services up and running (Think TV Guide, new remotes ect.) and with the model they have now (one time purchase, app purchase) over the long haul they will slowly bleed money.


      But here's a couple things they could have done differently:

           - Been up front about it

           - Option to Opt in or Out of Ads

           - Monthly access fee ($1.99 a month or $20 a year for guide, support, ect.) or Opt into Ads for free

           - Tiered purchasing model ($99 for supported with Ads, $150 without Ads)

           - Don't **** off your user base with stunts like this. I've personally sold your device to 15+ people on how cool is its.... Word of mouth can be a blessing and a *****, take a guess at what its going to be now.



      I wish I didn't love sports so much.... otherwise I'd likely toss this as there are other less stressful option to get my fill on watching TV