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    Marketing department is working overtime (Re: Ads in app)

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      I have been monitoring this topic regarding ads the past few days. Sling's silence is absolutely deafening. What isn't however is the media narrative they are attempting to spin. Just try Google News search Slingbox or Slingplayer in the past week. Several major media outlets have stories about the product and one site even features a screenshot of the ad infested player and claims what a "sleek" interface it has. In that same article the author even has the audacity to thank Slingbox for their sponsoring of his story!!


      I'm only left to draw the conclusion that this is a media blitz to shape the narrative into the ads being the "new normal".

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          They can't control the narrative.  Look at the Amazon reviews.  All the recent reviews are one star.  Their sales are going to crash.  The only question is whether they have enough sense to reverse this decision before everybody bails out on them.  The guys at Monsoon are about to steal half their customers.


          The Slingbox is about to be the next ReplayTV - a cool product that got mismanaged out of business.   


          I am going to give it another week or so, then go buy a competing product.  I am not going to put up with a screen full of ads on something I paid this much money for.  It is outrageous.


          Sometimes, you just can't fix stupid.  I'm about to give up and move on.  It makes me mad that I have to eat the cost of the thing, but I can take some satisfaction in knowing that at least I'll probably have a regular job next year, while the people currently running the Slingbox division are hoping to land a gig delivering pizza. 

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            HI, I would agree with the reply. I paid a lot of money to get this and should not have to see ads when I already have to watch commercials playing on the standard TV. This AD thing is annoying and quite disappointing. If we didn't have to pay for the app for Ipad/Iphone mobile device and didn't pay for a device, I would understand the AD push, but I have forked out all the money associated and now have to wait for the ad to finish. Irritating and quite frankly none of those ads are going to get a click through or sale through my slingplayer.


            Irritated.. and now I can check out monsoon apparently another option.

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              Their defense of this in the media shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what they are selling.  They aren't a software company that needs to develop and ship new code every few months.  They are a hardware company that sells physical devices.  If they want to sell any more of those devices, they need to give users a positive experience.


              If I could go back to the ancient software that I had on the gray kit-kat slingbox, I would do that in a heartbeat.   I don't need a program guide - I want a window I can move, resize and set in the corner while I'm working or surfing the web - a window that has nothing but the TV show showing and can be infinitely resized to whatever amount of precious screen space I choose to give it.  This was a critical feature they once had and then dropped. 


              There is nothing in the current version of the software, other than support for HD programming, that is better than the software they shipped 5 years ago.  In every other way, it is actually less flexible and worse.   So forgive me if I am not so impressed with the management's arguments that they need to keep a big crew of software engineers busy making "improvements" to the software.  I bet their" big crew" is 2 contractors working part time and the only place the ad money is going is straight to the bottom line.   They think they are going to show improving revenue, and they probably will, for a while.  Until all those 1 star reviews everywhere start to bite into their sales and they find they can't sell the things anymore.  By then it will be too late.  They don't seem to even understand that what matters is how many boxes they can sell next YEAR, not in the next three months. 


              But by all means, full steam ahead - I'm sure you will do great when your business consists of nothing but the revenue from showing me ads for cornflakes in Spanish. 


              If I could figure out how to short just this division, I'd be retired in a year.