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    What do I need to watch my Belgian TV channels on my TV in Spain?

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      Please excuse my very basic questions. I hope somebody will be able to help me without spending a big effort.

      I live half of the year in Belgium where I watch Belgian TV channels and listen to Belgian radio through a combined (TV + Internet + Telephony) offering by Telenet (partially owned by Liberty Global).

      The Telenet coax cable goes via a wireless CBN modem and a cabled D-Link access Point giving me wireless access to the Internet throughout the house and via an Advanced Digital Broadcasting set-top box and remote control (model unknown because branded as Telenet) giving me HDTV.

      The set-top box has an RF in (connected to the coax cable) and out (unused), a left and right audio jack (connected to the HiFi installation), a USB, an audio SPDF, an ethernet, a SCART (all four unused) and an HDMI connector (used to connect the TV).

      The Internet connection gives me a pretty stable download speed of 25 Mbps and upload speed of 4.5 Mbps. All this results in a very reasonable Internet and HDTV experience.


      The other half of the year we spend in Spain where I have an optic fiber providing me through a Huawei GPON router very satisfying Internet experience at 40 Mbps up - and download speeds. This router is located next to a HDTV (that I still need to buy)

      I would like to make use of my year round Telenet subscription in Belgium to watch Belgian TV channels and listen to Belgian radio while in Spain.
      I have the impression Slingbox can give me (more or less real time) what I want but I am confused as to what I need.
      • What Slingbox do I need in Belgium? I want to have HD TV and good quality radio. I don't think I need wireless access (the access point is next to the set-top box)
      • How do I best connect the Slingbox? There are several connections on the set-top box available: ethernet? SCART? USB?
      • Is HD TV possible with the 4.5 Mbps upload speed I have in Belgium? If not, what is the minimum for HDTV?
      • Are all programs going to be available for streaming or are licenses going to stand in the way of uploading the complete offering?
      • What hardware do I need in Spain to connect the HDTV that I still need to buy ... if any?
        • A laptop?
        • An iPad?
        • Chromecast? Roku? Apple TV?
      • Will any HDTV do or should I buy a TV that avoids any additional hardware between the router and the TV?
      • What software do I need ... if any?
        • Do I need Slingplayer ... to be installed on a laptop or iPad between the router and the TV
        • Does Slingplayer come with a virtual remote control?
        • Is the remote control for the Advanced Digital Broadcasting set-top box from Telenet available?
      • Can I get good quality Belgian radio channels via the Slingbox system to my speakers in Spain? What do I need for this?
      • Is there anybody in a similar situation ... and what is the experience?

      Thanks for taking the time to help me with what must be very basic for anybody with some technological insights. I am doing my best to understand but most of the posts seem to be for expert users whereas my request is (still) very basic.