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    AirPlay Streaming Issue


      Prior to the recent iPad / iPhone app updates, I had no issue whatsoever streaming to my brand new AppleTV via AirPlay. Note that both my iPhone and iPad are running latest iOS updates. Both home (where Slingbox itself is) and remote (where I am) internet is 50Mbps+ upload / download service--so it's not an ISP issue.  Since the SlingPlayer updates, I've noticed the following issues:


      (1) On iPad app the Airplay sends only audio and no video. The audio appears on the screen as "Internet Radio" showing no video whatsoever. The iPad itself does show that it is in AirPlay streaming mode however, with no video on the screen.  Settings have been checked over and over to no avail. Video quality is set to "Auto" and even the high quality to no avail. Prior to the update the only known issue was the screen size from my HD-Pro, but I could tolerate that minor annoyance.


      (2) AirPlay streaming from my iPhone is suboptimal quality and frequently buffering. It's essentially worthless to utilize via AirPlay due to the frequent buffering and dramatic lead-time when "pressing" remote buttons.


      (3) The quality on the iPad itself is also suboptimal when not streaming altogether in Auto mode. Note that these observations are based on day before app update and day after app update--as in no other factors changed.


      And an added note is that AirPlay from my MacBook Pro via the webplayer is also suboptimal because of the well noted issues with the recent plugin updates. Simply--without functional keystrokes to "press" the remote keys, combined with obtrusive advertisements, and an ever present mouse head arrow, it lacks all sense of practicality and usability.


      I would very much appreciate a Slingbox representative's assistance in resolving, or that of the community. As nearly 5 year utilizer of the Slingbox, I would very much hate to consider alternatives, especially considering my already substantial investment and loyalty to what was once a great and worry-free service. Thanks!