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    Service Not Available


      Hello all. I have the Slingbox M1 and I have tried to set the guide up a couple of times over the last 3 of 4 months. My cable service is not listed in the choices when I input my zip code. It has only been in the area about 5 months though. Is there any way it can be added to my zip code? My zip code is 28372 and the service is called Bluewave Communications. Their channel line-up can be viewed at http://bluewavenc.net/media/images/Bluewave-Communications-Channel-Line-up-numerical.pdf. Thank you.

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          We will do our best to see to getting this added. However, in the mean time, the cable company not being listed will not affect your actual setup or use, just the extra guide provided by Zap2it. If you scroll to the bottom, you should see a "Not Listed" option, which will take you to the next step so you can setup the remote, which will give you access to the virtual remote, and with it your full guide as provided by your cable company.


          I hope this helps!!!