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    Changing Channels Comcast X1 Box with Windows 8.1 App???

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      I am using the Windows 8.1 Slingbox App on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  I am interacting with the Comcast X1 Box.  Channel changes do not work.  When I bring up the Keypad, enter a channel, and tap Watch, I see the new channel number in a popup window on the screen.  The X1 Box wants me to press the OK button on the remote to confirm the change.   In fact, if I quickly bring up the Remote replica and tap OK, the channel will change; otherwise, it won't.  This additional step is not necessary when using the Slingbox iPad App.  The problem also occurs when trying to use the Gallery.  If I tap a tile of a Gallery tile,, the channel change fails for the same reason.  Has anyone else encountered this problem?  If so, how can we get the Slingbox folks to fix it?

      Tom Stover

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          There is a work around for the channel change I came up with on my android.  While viewing the current, open the remote and you will have 3 choices (on left, an icon that represents a joystick, in center the keypad and on the right, "MISC".  Open the remote, choose the keypad and select the channel #s you want and hit enter.  The remote will disappear.  Reopen the remote, choose the joystick and hit OK [bottom left]. Wait a few seconds and the channel will change.