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    Slingplayer Desktop - How Stupid Do They Think We Are?


      I didn't pay for an ad-infested experience when I bought this product.  You guys at Sling think you can just rip us off? 


      I want you to refund my purchase price in full or kill the ads.


      I want my money back so I can use those funds go buy the product I thought I was getting from you - from one of your competitors.


      The only people who are going to benefit from this decision are the people at Monsoon.  The Volcano or whatever it is called is about to take all of your sales.  Those guys are laughing at you right now. 


      Best of luck explaining to the Dish executives why you destroyed this product by making the playback screen look like something from the Pirate Bay in order to scrape up 1/2 a penny in incremental revenue.


      Half the ads aren't even in English.  I really don't want to be sold off-shore Viagra or penis enlargement while watching my own **** TV.


      If this counts as your plan to increase revenue - you need to find a new job that better suits your skill set - like emptying port-a-potties.