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    Do you find the unit shuts down all the time?


      I am so disappointed with the slingbox.  It has been nothing but a disappointment.  I've even had the unit replaced.  I seldom ever use it because it's so troublesome. It shuts down or becomes unresponsive all the time... the old unit and the new one both.  The old one finally just died.  The last time I tried to use sling, other than today, was for the 2015 Academy Awards broadcast.  A friend of mine wanted to see the program.  Good thing I have a DVR otherwise he would have missed most of the live show.  I had to unplug and restarted the unit about every 15 to 20 minutes. The unit would either shutoff or hang.  At one point I was at the gym and my friend had to wait for me to drive back home and restart it.  This has been the history of it.  In the last year I've only used it a few time cause it's bound to fail.  Anyone else have these issues? I don't want to deal with support since you got to pay for it now and the unit is out of warranty though it never worked right in warranty owing to the fact that I had to replace the first unit  and luckily had done that before the warranty was gone - the second one being a little better... it will turn back one for at least for a little while before failing.

      How well does the sling system work that comes with Dish Network?  Anyone have opinions on that?