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    Still can't get Sling Box to fully function

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      Here is an odd one that goes along with a question I had a few days ago.


      I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (android phone), a SlingBox 500 and A T & T U-Verse as my provider.

      When I use the SlingBox universal remote and I am near my A T & T box, I can press the "OK" on my virtual universal remote on my phone and it will turn on the A T & T Box. I can then go to connect and I have all functions. Great!

      If I go out of the room or out of the house the virtual remote will not turn on the A T & T Box and all I see is the A T & T logo on a blue screen with the words "Press OK". Which means that I am in the A T & T standby mode. If I try to go to the SlingBox virtual remote, the "OK" will not do anything and acts like it is not active until I go where I have my SlingBox and A T & T box connected and then it works great.

      The way it is working, it does me no good since I cannot watch anything remotely unless I am sitting next to the equipment. P.S. - My router/modem is also near all the other equipment and I have no problem with any other program or APP. My wifi works great except for my SlingBox and A T & T box. Please, Please Help, Richard