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    New plugin creates many problems!!!

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      I have 2 slingboxes.  In the last 48 hours we have had a great deal of difficulty with the new plugin.  On the 350 a dialogue box pops up every 5 minutes saying that the plugin is unresponsive...do you want to quit or continue. Browser is firefox!  This is very frustrating.  The many popups on the sling player website is unbelieveable.  This has never happened before! What can we do???

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          The error message I get is P-31!

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            kristine.sling Newbie

            Hi Bonnie,

            Something that has been fixing some of these problems, is to uninstall and reinstall the plug in. Below is a link to the uninstall instructions. Once you uninstall, go back to the Slingbox.com and it will prompt you to install a new Slingplayer web plugin. 

            Here is the link on the uninstall instructions: Slingbox.com - Installing/removing browser plug-in for Watch on Slingbox.com



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              Also in new plugin version in full screen mode, numerical keypad (channel selection) no longer works and also mouse cursor never disappears!!

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                  I agree the new full screen mode plug in is not good. The HD quality in normal mode is great and then i open it up in full screen mode i have been losing quality of HD in full screen that i never did before in the old full screen mode and the stupid ad at the bottom that pops up anytime the cursor moves and then the cursor never goes away. and to get the remote to pop up when you want it to is not reliable and then it disappears right when you want it and then you have to move the cursor around to get it back and then right when you are about to push a button on the remote the whole thing disappears after 2 seconds of not moving the cursor, Every time the cursor moves the full screen mode changes shape so the remote and the stupid pop up ad can be seen, there is plenty of room for the remote to sit at the side of the screen without having to change the shape of the screen every time. If i leave the cursor sitting on the remote then the remote should stay visible and not disappear after 2 seconds of non movement from the cursor. Disappointed with all the little things that were obviously overlooked.