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    Speed Differences Between Streaming Devices on LAN

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      I've trolled the support forums here and elsewhere and Googled as much as I can but cannot find an answer to this question. 


      Ever since I bought my Slingbox 500, I've used a Sony NSZ-GS8 to stream between TVs in my house.  With this device, I'm able to test at "Best" quality (20Mb) and watch nearly flawless full frame rate HD.  The connection is wired currently but also tests the same when wirelessly connected.


      Recently, I purchased an AppleTV and the accompanying Slingplayer app as a replacement thinking I would get more bang for my buck out of the AppleTV.  Unfortunately, my peak speed from the app on either an iPhone or iPad on the wifi is 6Mb, streaming at 1280x540 at 24fps and is extremely flakey, frequently dropping to 2Mb before working back up.  Obviously this picture does not hold a candle to the quality produced by the GS8. 


      I'm on a 25Mb down / 6Mb up cable connection from Comcast.  There's no extra hop between my devices, as the modem also has a built in N router.


      Is there anything I can do to get better speed through my iPhone / iPad for the AppleTV?  The connection by the GS8 seems to be adjusted to be a direct local connection while the Slingplayer app connects remotely and pulls the stream down even if connected to the same network. Is that correct?