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    New Desktop Version


      Just last week my desktop viewer version started displaying adds despite the fact that I never performed an update.


      Today, when opening the desktop player, I received a message that version is available, and it asked if I would like to update my current version (


      With the recent degradation of the desktop viewer I am not going to be making any changes without knowing what the results are going to be. At this point I greatly suspect that Slingbox may be attempting to make it even more difficult to block out the adds, or possibly make them even larger and "more in your face".


      Has anyone performed this upgrade yet, and what where your results.

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          I may have inadvetently performed this upgrade.  I tried to open the desktop player and received a message saying I had to make an adjustment to my system if using Google Chrome.  I have been using Google Chrome for quite sometime and never saw this message before.  I've tried to download the Google Chrome update and when the process was concluding the message to "accept" or "not accept" the "extension". The "accept" extension was in bolder print as if to say select this option.  I did this and now when I try to open slingplayer the process stalls at checking extensions.  This process ran overnight while "checking extensions" and never opened the player.