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    Not that you care, but here is another opinion on the Ads


      I'm another one of those customers that has been using Sling for over 10 years.

      Lets be honest here, the ads are not welcomed, all of us old sling users know not to expect much in the way of customer happiness from Sling. Sling makes a product and it just works, but they sure don't got out of their way to save anyone money. From old devices that use software that is forgotten, to newer devices that don't use that software but use the browser, to top of the line devices that use to browse your external harddrives to no longer supporting that but becomes slingTV which you never wanted, to M1 software that sort of works with older stuff, to Ads. Sling makes a great product, they just don't seem to care what the customer's opinion is on anything. As I said, there is a lot of old timers on here and we are just use to Sling not caring what their customers think.

      Such a great product, very poor execution, to bad you've never figure out how to interact with your customer base. Am I explaining myself correctly Sling?? Love your product in the limited way you market it, but after all these years, I can't say that I have ever felt that you care about me as a user/customer. The things you've done over the years are mind boggling. As my subject line said.... "Not that you care, but here is another opinion on the Ads" and sadly, I feel you still don't care.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          As you say, us real old-timers remember the start-up days when the Company was run by Blake and Jason Krikorian.   Their team were very helpful towards users and developers, listened to what we said, shared many technical details and generally kept a superb relationship with us.   The rot set in when Echostar bought them out in 2007 and a 'big-Company' mentality came in.  Everything was suddenly encrypted, employees were banned from talking to developers, helpful suggestions were ignored and the thrust of development changed from the customer to just making money.   It was no great surprise when the brothers left 2 years later, I suspect they were horrified at what Echostar were doing with their baby.  It would be interesting to know how many of the original team are still around and what they think of this latest debacle. 


          They were happy days

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            Really the most angering part for me is them removing the forum posts. As if to say, no problem here, move along. i get that there are plenty of threads that show that we're not happy about the ads, but the community is angry, and rightfully so. Removing the threads is not going to make the situation ant better. At least they are doing it in the community, theres a sub reddit for sling that is very much public that you can't remove the threads from.

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                Matt.Sling Apprentice

                The only threads that have been removed were full of profanity and personal attacks. We will not be leaving those up. I'm providing daily reports to our team here of all Community feedback regarding the SlingPlayer ads.

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                    Maxcats Novice

                    Matt the central issue here is the silence from the Company - both before introduction of the ads and now after the botched introduction (in 2014) that has now escalated due to the deceptive communication regarding the non-existent 'bug fixes'.


                    If you have the resources to edit this Forum - you also have the resources to respond.


                    Senior management must understand that it is important to address the advertising issue directly with their customer base  TODAY - their brand value is eroding. The company brand is in crisis.  


                    The negative Amazon reviews are growing (the M1 is fast approaching 50/50) the other reviews are out in various professional sites and YouTube is about to get footage from disgruntled customers.


                    Social media too will soon be overrun with negativity.

                    How much more feedback do they need to accept they have a marketing problem, a communications problem, a technical problem and a perceived integrity problem with long-time Slingbox advocates?


                    I have worked in communications for almost 30 years and taught it for more than 10. In future academic classes I will be using this Slingbox communications/marketing model to demonstrate how not to communicate with niche markets about their product.


                    A crisis communications adage (for academics and practitioners alike) is that 'people don't care that you know until they know that you care'.


                    Right now Sling is in crisis - your brand is under attack by people who have been advocates. Your products are being villified and yet the silence remains.

                    Show that you care.

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                  well not that it matters, but I will add my voice to the complaints about ads.  no reason for it.  get rid of them please.  better...provide a stand-alone viewer like before.  it's silly to have a web based viewer in the first place (oh wait I forgot, so you can put ads in it, right?)

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                    tcaradonna Novice

                    Another 10+ year user of Slingbox here.  I have the top Amazon review on the M1 and one of the highest for the Slingbox 500.  I placed an update regarding the ads on the top of my review to call attention to it.  I think prospective customers need to know how the viewing experience changed.


                    I am not happy with the change, but will continue to use the product.  I also use full screen and have a DVR with a program guide, so I don't see too many ads, but many people don't use it this way. In the wake of upseting so many customers I think Slingbox opens a big door to competitors with this change.  So we'll see what becomes of it.