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    Get rid of Ads on the M1 SlingPlayer or give me my money back…….


      I just bought the M1 a few months ago. If I had known that they going to plaster ads all over the app, I never would have bought it.  This is a bait and switch. I bought one thing, now it is something completely different.


      I have been a loyal customer and this is my third slingbox., this is my reward, crappy ads.


      So, keep running your ads and give me my money back: I will happily ship back your device (Oh, and I will never buy another of your products again) or get rid of the ads and have a happy loyal customer again

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          That's what I came here wondering..  I used to have an older sling player, and it didn't do this.  Unfortunately, I lost it in a house fire, so when I bought the one I have now, I was surprised to see that I had to put up with an ad in the main window while I wait for my content, and there's ALWAYS an ad on the upper right, and a second one on the bottom?!  WTF?  There is almost the same amount of screen real estate used by ads as by my show..  It's not like I didn't pay money for the device - This is the kind of ad coverage I'd expect if they gave the device away for free because it's ad supported...

          I have been a vocal proponent of sling in the past, and am responsible for many sales, but that will end now that I see what they've done.