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    slingbox and dish tv


      I recently had dish tv installed and the technician left me a small device that says slingbox turbo on it and has one internet port and plugs into the wall.  Another technician came out to finish the installation and told me that this device was in fact the slingbox and that all I needed was another mac airport to create an internet bridge to the airport I already have and that the "slingbox" device would use my house wiring.  This doesn't sound right based on what I've read on the slingbox site.  Do I also need to purchase a slingbox, along with another airport for my setup to work?

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          Hmm... there's no such think as a Slingbox Turbo.  Slingboxes (servers) are devices which connect to a set-top box that can transcode baseband audio and video to be displayed using Slingplayer (client) on different devices such as a computer, laptop, or mobile device.  Could you be referring to a SlinkLink Turbo?  Theat is Network Powerline Adapters.  They allow network traffic to span across your home electrical between the two or more SlinkLinks.