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    Need instructions on how to dump the "new" Sling player and return to the "old" player.

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      The new Sling player (downloaded today)   for Firefox  takes 3 big steps BACKWARDS.

      - The new Sling player displays UGLY annoying blue rectangles  on the screen, all the time when in full-screen mode.

      - It causes my computer to hang-up and freeze when I access other websites, while the new Sling player is running.

      - The new Sling player uses more memory and more CPU resources,  without   giving any better video.


      Please give step-by-step instructions for dumping the "new" Sling player,  and how to return to the "old" Sling player.


        • Re: Need instructions on how to dump the "new" Sling player and return to the "old" player.

          At least you get blue squares to annoy you....after the update this morning I get absolutely NOTHING!!  Everytime these clowns release new software it doesn't work.  Then I always have to go to the online chat support and eventually some useless pinhead there eventually gets it going again.


          So today image my disappointment when I go to the online help and find it is no longer available.  In its place there is only this forum or a help-line where these A-holes have decided to charge $29 to take a help call on a product that worked yesterday and doesn't today because of THEIR actions.  I cannot recommend strongly enough to anyone reviewing this piece of **** to never ever buy anything from Slingbox.....JUNK.


          In the meantime if anyone does know how to make the old one work that would be great.