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    Slingbox AV can't be located

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      Even when on my home network, my Slingbox AV can't be located.  The ethernet cable is running and both the power and network lights are running.  I shut off my firewall to make sure that wasn't the issue. 


      Using Windows XP,WiFi, good internet speeds on everything else. Getting error (Code:W200) and that is a very general connection error. One that I've fixed all suggestions (router, firewall, etc.).  My guess is that the Slingbox AV model simply doesn't work anymore with today's high speeds and fancy routers and WiFi? I don't think WiFi was invented when I got my slingbox.


      Please advise because I'm not paying $30 for someone to simply confirm my suspicions. 



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          external ROUTER port open? port forwarding is 5001 bi-directionally both TCP and UDP

          set up a static IP address

          Port Forwarding Guides for SlingBox

          able to PING your slingbox from your laptop?

          also make sure QoS and RTSP settings are ON (governs bandwidth)


          The Av does perform OK down to about 1150Kb/s

          but its gets spotty down to about 600Kb/s

          and I have used my router with CIR control to test that below 500Kbits its useless

          even on Composite, with web client set for absolute MINIMAL setup


          currently I am having issues with this 6yr old AV and video speckle noise

          and its related to poor board electrolytic caps and originals

          really crappy switchmode powersupply. I have already found at least two sketchy

          components and one 'lytic that was starting to leak. (36yr vet ElecTech)


          other than that , this design is great and the way in which the Slingbox was

          designed is brilliant; they did make some econo choices here and there

          but there is no other system that works so transparently, like slingbox


          update : digging around later today,

          yup found two caps as defects with my leak checker and then replaced.

          geez. I found the one cold joint that fixed my speckles and now the AV is good.

          The original production soldering is not clean; I think this was an early RoHS board(not sure).

          I suspect the original wall wart ACDC was improperly underrated. Power brick is

          Hon Kwang 6V rated  2.4peak, 2.0A and like 5% ripple, but I fixed that as well with

          a quick power Inductor inline-series mod; that brick is throwing serious S/mode noise;

          thrice typical normal level on my ELF RFmeter.

          Solo AV unit is only drawing some 7watts or so(? less than half!  6x2.4peak= 14.4w peak);

          I am going to try and find some better wall wart AC for sure.


          Drew: I know it does not help, but some *browser* issues can block the SlingBox Web client

          like I had to tell AdBlock to shut up and so on, so multiple things can block the AV from streaming

          but I would also look at the client itself as well.