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    Cross cursor preventing slingplayer download - windows 7 issue?




      I just got my slingbox solo this past week and I was able to set it up pretty easily and begin viewing it on my windows XP laptop.  I am now trying to set up my new laptop - Windows 7 - to view from it as well.


      I can go to www.slingbox.com and login under my user account fine.  I click WATCH and it properly locates my slingbox machine, but at that moment my cursor changes from the normal arrow to the 'precision cross' and I cannot click on my slingbox presented to complete the download.  I can use the right-click function to open other hyperlinks on the page, but cannot do anything with the icon of my slingbox that was located.  And the only way I can get rid of the cross is to close the browser and reopen.


      I saw another related post and tried clearing all of my cookies and temp files, and went to Advanced Settings and did a restore - same problem is occurring though.


      Any ideas on what I can do next?