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    Watching slingbox pro from another tv

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      I've been trying to work out my slingbox pro (non HD) for about 3 months now.  Never have I purchased a product with such terrible customer service - fixing a problem is like pulling teeth.


      I am trying to watch my slingbox pro from another tv.  I purchased a WD TV which looks to be a total waste of money, as apparently only the HD version is supported.


      Is there something else I can use to stream my slingbox to another tv?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          The best solution is a Slingcatcher, but for some inexplicable reason Sling stopped producing it a few years ago.  You might still pick one up on E-Bay, although they now command a price higher then when they were new.   The only 'stand-alone' method is to use a laptop with an HMDI output to drive the TV directly, otherwise you could try Chromecast, although if you do a forum search on here you will find many of us find it unusable because of a buffering problem, or Apple TV or Roku, but they both need an iOS device to feed them.


          Not very inspiring, but that is Sling Media for you.   They are too busy adding adverts to worry about things like this