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    slingbox remote will not configure

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      Have a singbox solo and it is acting up. this is the second solo that has failed both in the same way. I have been with slingbox for a few years and know all the ins and out of setup. The solo has a software problem and it will not sustain a configuration of the remote. the remote will function in the set up process working fine during the set up process. once the channel number (5 or 05 or 005) is selected and the zip code entered the system does not recognize the remote and when the remote icon is clicked on on the watch slingbox screen a message appears - your slingbox remote is not configured please configure it now and I am asked to do the set up again. same result on the pop up screen. Turned off the power and replugged  the device to no success. Has anyone had this issue and found a solution. This is the third solo which has had the exact same error. have not touched it all winter - sits in an empty house with a back up generator. any experience?