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    Disgusting greed destroys a once great product line (Re: Ads on desktop app)

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      I have been a user of your product since the Slingbox Classic days for nearly 10 years now. In all that time I have recommended Slingbox's to countless people over the years. However your recent update has destroyed any positive feelings I have left for your company and product line. The first offense was your terrible implementation of the Slingplayer app on Android and the Chromecast and your company's refusal to accept how awful it is performing or even attempting to fix it. So that waste of $15 is on me and my foolishness for accepting your ... However the recent addition of ads to a product I have spent $150 on and supported in the numerous people whom I have shared your product with, is offensive in the extreme.


      Unless all advertisements are removed from a product that have already invested a significant amount in, I can no longer recommend or defend your horrendous business practices and your products. Unfortunately today marks the end of a great company legacy and what it stood for in the beginning.