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    One more vote strongly against new ads


      I have been a Sling customer for a very long time - I believe well over 10 years.  I have repeatedly upgraded and replaced my devices. If you can check my history, you will likely find 10 devices I have used.


      When my SlingBox broke I went out and purchased an M1 because I wanted the desktop player.  As others have said, the current desktop player is significantly worse than the previous player; 30 minute burrer instead of 60 but much worse, it crashes on a regular basis.


      Now we get adds on a product we purchased.  This is the last straw for me.  Either they get removed or I will seek other solutions and luckily this is not the only solution.


      As a long term customer, please reward my loyalty with good products.  Please don't force me to leave by being an annoying company.


      Scott Cutler