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    Adverts are an unwelcome intrusion


      I'm concerned about your recent decision to install advertising onto the Slingbox window.  When I purchased my Slingbox, one of my primary considerations was that I was not exposed to such adverts.  You have unilaterally changed that arrangement What solution do you offer to address my concerns? Regards, Rob Donald

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          Also concerned about this. Especially when the adverts crash the player.

          If the adverts aren't removed in the next update this will be my last Slingbox purchase. (I've owned a number of version over the years and installed for relatives).

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            Interesting how an ethically challenged Sling Media uses your equipment, your cable service, your TV phone or computer to broadcast ads that prevent you from watching the programs you are paying for.


            Sling Media doesn't respond to complaints. Sling Media has a history giving customers the brush off over deceptive practices. They seem to thrive on acrimony by ignoring customer complaints. It's the most revealing characteristic of their corporate culture. Thus the history of lawsuits and hefty fines to force them to do the right thing. Unless or until they are hit with a truly massive judgement with respect to this latest greed fest, don't expect anything to change.  What makes this latest hijacking of your cable service and equipment even more revealing is that the ads never suffer from audio video sync issues, buffering or other quality issues that plague non-advertising content.


            If you have the latest and greatest in equipment and fastest internet speed performing at peak levels, why would your content be distorted, the audio and video never sync and why  all that buffering and dropped connections that never happen during their advertising?


            It takes awhile for the legal action, criminal and civil, to gain momentum.  In the past those actions have resulted in penalties of a financial nature and other actions. It's not like they are going to win given the blatantly fraudulent and deceptive treatment of customers. Obviously the fines have been too small and haven't provided sufficient motivation to stop treating customers like dirt.


            Given the windfall from advertising, the imminent fines pose a minor cost for doing business as hijackers. Sling Media has proven they couldn't care less about the consumer and show little fear of any legal consequences. It's not a question of if, but rather when, the next big thing hits Sling Media from a legal perspective. If the fines are big enough they might stop. Rest assured, they will find another way to prove what matters most to a predator. They can't help it.

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              The problem with the ads is that they're just so damned loud. Anyway. As others have said, we paid a lot of money for these boxes and shouldn't be forced to watch adverts so I suggest you view this thread for how to stop these adverts. If you're using Firefox an have an Adbloker install it can be as simple as Right-clicking and Blocking with the Adblocker.:


              How to Remove Ads From Slingplayer Update