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    OK, so I come here and start a discussion about the ads as instructed by tech support, and now all of the sudden, i cant post or reply to anyone elses threads about the ads, whats up with that?


      I hate the ads and I want them gone, I alsowant chromecast support whcih you claim to have but is non existant, show me one person that can use the chromecast with slingbox????

      I just had a chat with tech support, here are the words of wisdom that I recieved.


      Sean: Thank you for contacting Sling Media Technical Support.
      My name is Sean. Which product are you looking for support on today?

      You: this evening for the first time ever, when i connected to my
      slingboz, there is an ad a the bottom of the screen about 1/3 of the
      screen.  when i change to the guide, the ad takes up about 1/4 of the
      screen, to top it off, when I try to close it, a bunch of words pop up
      in spanish.  whats up with the advertisements all of the sudden and
      why do they take up so much screen space.  I cant shut them off

      You: im sorry, i think its an m1

      Sean: I do apologize about the inconvenience. Unfortunately, there is
      no way to get rid of the ads. You can watch in full screen and that
      should take away the ads. This was something from our Marketing Team
      not Technical Support. You can also, post to our community about the

      You: what do you mean, no way to get rid of the ads?  thats BS  I didnt
      have ads beofre ads before and I dont want them now.  I certanly dont
      want them taking up all the screen size./

      You: and why do I have them in spanish?  again BS

      Sean: I understand but there is no way around the ads this was from the
      Marketing Team. We have nothing to do with the ads. You can post your
      comments to the community we have no way to remove the ads here at
      Technical Support.

      You: Look, someone put the ads on therer today.  someone can take
      them off, I dont want to post to the comjmunity, thata made up of
      users like me, I dont want to rant.  I wanrtot talk to the source
      and the people that can fix it, not the communnity,  what a joke,
      like you want me to get on the forums and stir stuff up.  thats not
      support thats passing the buck.

      Sean: The community is not just made up of just users like you.
      Our Engineers and others from the company monitor the community.
      There is nothing anyone here can do about the ads.

      You: so give me the phone number of someone that can take the ads off,
      I dont want to post to a forum that may be monitored by someone that
      maybe could help.;

      Sean: There is no number we have here.

      You: so how about  REFUND FOR MY m1, THE GOOGLE PLAY APP i HAD TO BUY

      Sean: Did you purchase the Slingbox from us? and you would have to
      contact the PlayStore for a refund since you purchased the application
      from them and the Chromecast.

      You: i wish you would stop reading from your script and think about
      what I'm asking for and what your trying to feed me.  I contacted you
      for help and your giving me absolutly nothing

      You: by the way, I bought the m1 that your company made because of
      the service and support you are supposed to provide, I bought the
      app from google play because I was instucted to do so by your company,
      I then bought the chromecast because I was instructed to by your
      company so I could watch tv on the tv instead of my phone or the
      computer, now all of the sudden and without warning you place ads
      on my content that I cannot remove and you say you cant remove it
      either, you should remember who your customers are and that ita your
      job and your companys goal to meet thier needs......

      Sean: I understand, if you want a refund and if you didn't purchase
      from our website or the Sling store they will not be able to give
      you a refund. As for the application and the Chromecast you will have
      to contact Google. There is nothing here at Technical support we can
      do about a refund or the ads.

      You: well then, good night.   Im sure you will sleep well just knowing
      how well youve done your job today..

      Sean: Thank you for contacting Sling Media Technical Support. Have a
      good day!


      no way to get rid of the ads that just showed up today , come on, then to top it all he recommends I come to the users in the community for help????????????????????????