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    When are the Ad's in Slingplayer going to be addressed?

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      I have to tell you Slingmedia .. I find your decision to place ads in the sling player on desktop's disguised as bug fixes to be untruthful and an egregious betrayal of trust. Is Sling media purposefully attempting to alienate the PURCHASERS of Slingboxes? Personally this seems as if there is the possibility of  many users of sling banding together to bring action ...


      If Slingmedia is broke tell the community. We want our boxes......... Ask for help before you hold the users of your devices hostage.. or give me the fracking box next time! I shouldn't have to be subjected to adware when i have paid you for service in good faith when buying my devices.. Im sure you already sell my viewing habits but COME ON MAN (rest is peace Stuart Scott)


      Concerned Possible Former User