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    Ads are a BAD IDEA!


      Why would you place ads on a service that we paid for. We are paying for cable subscriptions already. Why would I continue to use Slingbox products when I can go to CBS.com, ABC.com, NBC.com, ESPN.com, etc? They already have ads and now you do too! This is a bad move Slingbox. Please reconsider!

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          They have lost their minds.

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              Every few minutes or so, this black bar goes across the screen with an ADVERTISEMENT then goes Black BAR that doesn't go away.

              How to fix this???   Why are there now ads?  Is this a virus?  I have NEVER had this on old player.

              I just got (3) M1 units. all are doing this.  I upgraded my (s) Pro-HD so that I could get Chromecast to work.

              Then I had to purchase the app for tablet for $15 to be able to Chromecast.
              There was an ad there trying to sell me the M1 which I have. Why are there ads on a purchased app?
              Why is there an ad selling you what you must already own?


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                  Since ads started to appear viewing my Slingbox 500 using Chrome on Windows 7 PC, several "bugs" have also appeared.  First of all, the small ad at the bottom of the screen pops up into the video screen, about 1/4 of the way down from the top, and shows up as a black box.  Tough to make this go away without partially shutting down the viewer.  In addition, the mouse tail used to disappear when the remote control went away, but now the mouse tail stays visible in the video.  If I move it, the controller pops back up, and eventually I can park the mouse off the edge of the viewable screen.  In addition, when using the controller, it used to stay displayed when the mouse was left on the controller display.  Now, the controller disappears after a time even when the mouse is still in the controller area.  This makes it really tough to control my PVR at home, as I wait for certain commands to execute.  In addition, the PVR remote controller is operating slower and is very erratic since ads introduced.  If I fast forward my PVR, and then try to stop, the reaction time is much slower than before ads appeared.  In addiition, the controller disappears too quickly and then I really have issues positioning the PVR for playback.


                  Please remove those ads.  They have introduced bugs which you might eventually fix, but there will always be extra delay caused by the ads.  And fix the remote controller actions, display times, and remove the now visible mouse tail.  A great application overall, but definitely going through some very disturbing times as developers fail to test their product before releasing what may never actually be an "upgrade" over the previous software.


                  Howard F. Gabert, P.Eng.

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                  Totally agree - Remove the Ads NOW

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                  thank God it's not just me and CRAPPY move Slingbox. WHy do they need ads in the desktop player? didn't we pay enough when we bought the boxes?

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                    I absolutely hate this product now. I switched over from the old "another brand" player because I heard sling was good. But forcing people to watch ads is disgusting at best. They do not even supply content. It's a streaming device. It's like they are getting licence fees from the ads for us to watch or own device and the content that we already pay for. Shady. Shame on you SLING! SHAME ON YOU!

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                      Crazy Crazy!

                      Spent so much money for the box, spent so much for mobile apps, and now we have to keep up with the stupid ads?

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                        Write an Amazon Review.   Fight back.


                        Here is mine:


                        The review below is of the original item I purchased.  Sling, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to materially change the terms of our prior deal.  They are now installing mandatory adware on the viewing software.  So you pay once for the hardware, and now, all of a sudden, if you want to actually use it - you have to put up with display advertising.  This was never disclosed to buyers at the time of purchase, and they installed this adware onto my computer as a supposed routine "software update" to the player software.


                        I already paid the full retail price for a version that didn't require ad-support. 


                        So basically, this is like when you get a free game for your phone then pay extra to get the ads removed, only in reverse.  I already bought the ad-free version at full price, but now I get bombarded with display ads every time I want to use the product they sold me.  Guess how excited I am about that?   Excited enough to bother to come here and warn anybody thinking about buying this device to just steer clear of it. 


                        Basically, this is a disreputable, corner-cutting company with no respect for its customers or the most rudimentary sense of business ethics.  It is too bad, this was a good product, the company is just managed by rapacious scum-bags. 

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                            Lets be honest here, it's not adware. It sure as heck is not cool, but all of us old sling users know not to expect much in the way of customer happiness from them. sling makes a product and it just works, but they sure don't got out of their way to save anyone money. from old devices that use software that is forgotten, to newer devices that don't use that software but use the browser, to top of the line devices that use to browse your external harddrives to no longer supporting that but becoming slingTV which you never wanted, to M1 software that sort of works with older stuff, to Ads. Sling makes a great product, they just don't seem to care what the customer's opinion is on anything. As I said, there is a lot of old timers on here and we are just use to Sling not caring what their customers think.

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                                I have been a loyal Sling user since the days of the original, Kit-Kat gray Slingbox.  I have talked the product up to a lot of people over the years, have probably been personally responsible for selling dozens of the things and even more if you count the converts I made who then started talking to their friends about it.  Then I wrote lengthy, literate and complementary reviews on Amazon about the product that probably sold hundreds of more units for them.


                                No more.


                                I am giving them a month.  Then I am going to pitch my almost new M1 in the trash and go buy a competitive product.  I almost said goodbye when they started charging one stiff fee for the phone software and another fee if you want to use it on a tablet.


                                But this is the end of the line for me with these clowns.  There are other place-shifting devices now - Sling can either take care of their customers or a competitor will.  I will put up with ads for services I get for free, not ones I already paid hundreds of dollars for.