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    M1 down-converter/scaler to handle Tivo 1080p/60?


      Does anyone have something that's up and working for this?


      I know I can turn off 1080p/60, and just go with 1080i and 1080p/24 pass-through, but I'd like to also have the 1080p option enabled, for streaming over Tivo Roamio.


      If I enabled it currently, my M1 chokes on the 60fps and I get a blank screen that's hard to recover from, particularly if I've left the house already.  I probably should've done some more reading (most of the basic M1 ads and such, including the Sling M1 page just say it supports 1080p, where actual support matrix is pretty well hidden) and bought a 500 instead, but I'm cheap, and the M1 *seemed* like a great upgrade to my really old component Slingbox. 

      And no, I don't have an iOS device, and my Android tablet doesn't like the Sling software, it's really flaky, and tricky to connect to an non-home display (have to use WiFi Direct, also flaky, too many flaky things in this mix).


      I did get great support from the Sling chat session I had, the guy was pretty understanding as to why I wanted to enable 1080p, but didn't have any converter solutions to endorse.  I'm hoping someone here does...

      Thanks in advance!