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    Ads now Desktop Viewer

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      I feel like I got duped into updating the desktop version of slingplayer.  The update log said that was adding "bug fixes", instead it added banner ads on the lower third of the player window.  I'm not happy about using backdoor tactics to put ads on screen real estate.

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          It's wrong, wrong, wrong.... If the ads stay I will be tossing my box in the trash. And switching to a different brand.

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              I wasn't asked to perform an "UPGRADE". My Slingplayer locked up today, and I had to use task manager to close it. When I restarted Slingplayer the window was 50% larger in each direction, and suddenly I had adds in a foreign language at the bottom.


              I only purchased my Slingbox about 2 weeks ago and I was quite happy with it until the adds started. I have to agree with the other comments about how annoying this really is. I hope you can understand how annoying it is to watch a TV program when images are flashing adjacent to the image I'm trying to watch. The window is now 50% larger than it was, which makes it much more difficult to watch TV in the corner of my screen while I'm working on other applications. I honestly would hesitate to recommend this product to a friend based on these annoying advertisements.


              I download many "FREE" apps for my Android and IOS devices. These apps often have advertisements which I don't mind because I think it's fair that the developer make some money for his work. If I use the app frequently, and I find the adds annoying I will pay the 99 cent purchase price to have the adds removed.


              Yet I paid about $200 (with taxes) for my Slingbox and I still get advertisements. Slingbox........if your listening, and if you care at all, ............I will pay the extra 99 cents if you take these @#$% advertisements away.

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                  I am really mad about it too. The players, web based or not, should not be adware.

                  I think it's despicable, at best. Now my screen is all messed up, the ads take up a bunch of space and the video is so small the way it is now in a window, that it's useless. We bought a device, we did not sign up for a subscription service that needs to be subsidized. Low, low, low.......

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                It's ridiculous.  If you want to display ads in the viewer, then give us the slingbox for free.  I paid hundreds of dollars for my slingbox.  I expect to be able to use it without being bombarded with ads.  HORRIBLE idea, slingbox.  HORRIBLE!!!

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                  Get rid of the intrusive HUGE AD BANNER in the desktop app!  Amazon at least gives a hardware discount for ads in Kindles, instead of shoving it in customers' faces AFTER purchase.  I've lowered my rating on Amazon for Slingbox to 2 stars.

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                    AndyK Newbie

                    1 star Amazon review from me

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                      I resize it so the ads aren't visible (smaller screen) , or go full screen. To be honest, the view with the guide is useless now. The iPad and iPhone apps are ok (so far)... thought they would have been making money with SlingTV..

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                        The update that included the ads broken fullscreen on multi-monitor which is the sole reason I chose this product.

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                          I was unpleasantly surprised to notice these ads.  They are not only annoying and intrusive, they make the Slingbox PC desktop viewer look like a 3rd or 4th rate web site that a teenager put together in his bedroom (instead of a professional product).  I certainly hope that ads are not added to the $15 iPhone and iPad apps, unless ad-free versions are provided for those who already bought the apps and versions with advertising are offered for free.  It's difficult to express my displeasure with this software downgrade in polite language.

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                            I also feel like I got duped into "updating" the app. This is un-acceptable. I own two sling box m1 has have the desktop app installed on 5 computers. This is not right!!! PLEASE REMOVE YOU TUBE styled ads immediately!

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                              Was considering Slingbox but now will not.

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                                Ads to watch my own TV?


                                Anyone want to buy a 500?

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                                  Haven't used my Sling in a while....It used to be a free app that you could download and run locally on your machine...didn't need any backend support from the Sling people, and it worked GREAT.  Then they killed that and made us use the crummy web app to watch.  Reduced functionality and a pain to use. Now I log on and am forced to get the update before I can watch anything...BANG!  I have to watch an AD before I can watch a device that I spent over $150 on.  Well done slingbox....you've got me looking for a replacement for a product that I used to love and brag about to everyone I knew.

                                  And...your comments on Multichannel.com (Sling Media Defends Ad Strategy | Multichannel) are completely insane.  Please don't cry about money you have to spend on a terrible web app that nobody wanted in the first place.  You had a perfectly good program that people could install and required no support or management on your part, now you have created an app that sucked, and were forced to spend money to make it slightly usable.  It's made you so broke that you have to force already paying customers to watch ad's before they can use the product that they paid for.




                                  The guy who quit going to movie theaters when they started showing me advertisements after I bought a $15 ticket.


                                  PS....I just tried to go into full screen and it's about 2/3 of the screen now where it used to be true full screen....gotta have that banner at the bottom!  You guys are j********.


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                                    Why oh why did Slingmedia decide that ads were acceptable on the Slingplayer desktop program ?


                                    As others have said, if they had done it sympathetically allowing users to close ad windows or indeed pay a fee to get rid of them then maybe, just maybe it might have been acceptable.


                                    To just alter the download to radically change the users' experience is underhand and frankly deceitful.


                                    If Slingmedia think that bad press of this kind has no knock-on effects to their business I can tell the categorically they are wrong. The long-term loss in product sales will more than offset any advertising revenues they might get in the short term. Potential customers will almost certainly be put off by all this negative press. If I were in the market for such a product I would be very wary of buying a Slingbox becuse who knows what other stupid stunts Slingmedia might pull in the future ?


                                    Bad move, guys - VERY bad.