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    Ads in Full Window Mode


      I just noticed ads showing up in the Full Window Mode. Is there any way to remove them?

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          Yeah some of you don't know this desktop app works on the older model 350 and 500 but they really have to stop with this **** why do we buy a product to then be forced to see ads what is wrong with you guys. 

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            Every few minutes or so, this black bar goes across the screen with an ADVERTISEMENT then goes Black BAR that doesn't go away.

            How to fix this???   Why are there now ads?  Is this a virus?  I have NEVER had this on old player.

            I just got (3) M1 units. all are doing this.  I upgraded my (s) Pro-HD so that I could get Chromecast to work.

            Then I had to purchase the app for tablet for $15 to be able to Chromecast.
            There was an ad there trying to sell me the M1 which I have. Why are there ads on a purchased app?
            Why is there an ad selling you what you must already own?