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    Ads now on Slingplayer Desktop SW


      Today I opened the player and the format is different, with ads on the bottom and the right, and the video is about 40% of the entire player window.

      I was upset a year or more ago when the player changed and the controls remained (instead of sleeping) interfering with the 100% video window.


      Now, this awful.   No option to hide the ads, roll back to an earlier version, etc.


      This is the 4th slingbox I have owned, and will be my last.   I pay for cable access.  I pay for the box, always the mktg was focused on getting access for free.

      So, ads are an awful customer experience. Would they think anyone would be happy with an add on the bottom 20% of the their tv through the entire program, no.

      Just a revenue thing by echostar. So....seriously, will now update to watch on channel websites so I can have a screen of the video, not a screen with video and an ad.

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          chuliu Newbie

          I, too, found the add to be very annoying.
          First advs on web player and now on slingplayer app.
          Now there is literally no way one can watch on pc/mac without the ads.
          If money is all that you care about, not customer satisfaction, then at least release a paid version software that is ads-free.
          Come on, sling.  I feel shame on you.