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    Slingbox Pro HD supports Teletext subtitles and/or DVB subtitles ?


      I saw a Slingbox Pro HD on a website for second hand sales.

      I was wondering, if I connect this to a Dreambox 8000, and I am streaming the video to a different place, suppose you have a recording from the BBC.

      It has 2 soundtracks, one is NAR (narrative), the other AC3.

      It has 2 subtitle types : DVB (= graphical) and Teletext (page 888).


      * Will I be able to see the DVB and or Teletext subtitles on the location I am watching the stream ?

      * Will I be able to choose between AC3 and NAR soundtracks ?


      I think I would connect the Slingbox via the component connections, because the Dreambox 8000 does not have a true HDMI port, but a special DVI port for which there is an adapter to make it work with HDMI.