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    What's with slingbox support? And a slingbox setup question

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      I can't get to the slingbox website directly -- have they shut down support? www.slingbox.com returns with "site not available."


      I sent a help ticket to the sling tv people, and they thought I was trying to watch sling tv via the slingbox, which wasn't the idea at all.


      Also: I have a slingbox Model SB300 attached to my wife's tivo. The object of this is to let her watch Tivo in a separate room via the Roku Sling viewer.


      But the sling viewer doesn't see the Sling box.


      And the box itself has the following lights:

      Power, on

      Network, on

      Sling symbol: On, but slowly pulsing.


      I could do with an instruction manual, but with slingbox.com down, no luck.


      I guess everything is sling tv now?




        • Re: What's with slingbox support? And a slingbox setup question
          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hey John,


          SlingTV is actually a separate service all together; a streaming program through Dish. Nothing to do with Slingbox itself. I'm not sure why this isn't letting you access Slingbox.com; I just attempted to access the page and it just loaded up without a problem. I would make sure your browser is up to date and try to clear the cache and cookies.


          As for the Roku player; the SlingPlayer channel doesn't actually stream, just allows you to mirror the stream from another device. You have to have the SlingPlayer on a mobile device of some soft (for example, SlingPlayer for iPhone); once this is on the same network as the Roku and you have the player open, you should see what looks like a little box with a Wi-Fi symbol inside it. When you click this,  it will give you the option to stream on the device or on the Roku.


          I hope this helps!!