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    M1 won't connect using slingplayer desktop


      I'm traveling on business in Mexico and I'm curious why a day or two ago I couldn't connect to the slingbox using the slingplayer desktop. It was working fine for 10 days prior to that. I get the P2 error telling me to check my internet settings.

      Interestingly, I can connect just fine using the slingbox app in windows 8 and on my iPhone.

      Is this a ploy to get me to purchase the windows 8 app?

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice



          Sorry to hear that you're having issues with the Desktop Player, but a P-2 error is actually a generic networking error. It's possible that your anti-virus has updated and is blocking the signal. I know Norton and Windows Firewall are notorious for blocking the signal and causing that error message. If you go into your anti-virus and add the Desktop Player as a safe program, this should fix the issue. Make sure, after you do, to restart your computer too; a lot of the time, the anti-virus change won't take affect until you've done that.


          I hope this helps!