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    HDMI Splitter purchase experience

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      Has anyone had any issues buying the HDMI Splitter from Gang Hu?  I'm interested in picking one up, but I'm concerned about using my credit card on their site since it doesn't support HTTPS. I've got a Comcast adapter box that only supports HDMI, so I'd like to convert to component and the price looks right for this adapter.

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Will,


          I haven't seen any problems with the purchase of the HDMI Splitters from Gang-Hu, but if the site not using HTTPS makes you uncomfortable, you may be able to find another splitter locally. I know that Best Buy has them, though they are not all that easy to locate in the actual stores. They should be near the TVs and HDMI Cables, but it is different for every store.


          I hope this helps!!


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            Glad to see this comment.  I'll try using the one time use CC # feature available from Chase and probable all the other banks.

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              I just received my converter. It works great.


              He will not charge you until it ships. But he never replied to my inquiry as to when I could expect it.  Yes he's a little flakey on communication, but the site does say you will not be charged until it ships. My guess is there are not enough orders to build these in bulk, so he just assembles them per order.   I could not find one like this with the HDMI pass through and the component converter in one box anywhere on the internet.  I could find separate boxes (one with a 1 to 2 splitter and one with HDMI in and Component out) but the splitter added a buzz to the audio and the converter didn't work, so I returned both. That pair of devices I got at Fry's and cost me $90 also. The Amazon ones will ship faster, but you will pay twice as much. The Amazon reviews are favorable if it says it has the HDCP on both devices.


              The quality is great with this Gang Hu unit, just be patient, you'll be happy.