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    IP address ending in 254?


      Just an odd one , have set up three slingboxs (legacy) , and have note that the first two end in 6, and 7 but the last box ends in 254 ? whilst it seems to work OK, I have decided to assign  a reservation   IP address for  each box, along with mirrored port forwarding rules  and triggers .


      I am able to set 6, and 7, and also 254 however when I port check 254 it says its closed ? the others work fine , I created new rules and stepped up the open port to another number (5004 )  and linked this to the 254 IP address , yet again when I check the port it says its closed . If I run the slingbox to view they all work fine ?


      Any ideas how I can change the 254 address to say 8 to allow better port access ? This slingbox is a bit of a funny unit and has often locked up in the past when viewing from overseas ... I am wondering if this is the reason  as it doesnt have its own port rules ? Maybe/?