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    New sling player on MacOs 10.10 overscan in full screen mode


      Since the Slingplayer plugin was updated a few days ago, the full screen mode vastly overscans, leaving parts of the picture off screen on left and right and a larger amount off the bottom of the screen. The resolution looks poorer too, possible because of a mismatch with the native screen resolution (1920x1080) due to the overscan. Altering the settings for zoom and aspect either make no difference or enlarge the image even more. How can I get back to the previous normal fullscreen display?

      MacOs 10.10 Safari 8.0.3 Slingplayer plugin Slinging from a sling box pro and a 350 in different sites, but with the same problem.


      Ian Whitmore

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          My configuration (which matches OS X version, Safari version, and SlingBox 350, but differs by my computer having SlingPlayer Plugin works correctly.


          1) Are you sure you're not on SlingPlayer Plugin for OS X I doubt you'd be able to stream if you weren't. See Help -> Installed Plug-ins... in Safari.

          2) Is it possible the video zoom/aspect settings on your home cable/satellite receiver have been changed?

          3) Is it possible to have your home cable/satellite receiver change what resolution it's outputting? e.g. maybe this is specific to 1080i versus 720p. (note my DirecTV HR24 receiver is outputting 1080i over component)

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              Thank you for the feedback.

              I have now uploaded and the problem remains the same.

              I don't think it is the source as my two sources are in different countries, with different sling boxes (350 and Pro). I know that the settings on the cable/satellite receivers have not changed, nor the connections. The only item to have changed recently is the SlingPlayer Plugin.

              The 350 is fed by component from a Comcast Box which is simultaneously feeding 1080i to the television.

              The Pro box is fed with s-video and is of course lower resolution, although Standard Resolution is higher in Europe (625). However the picture from the Pro has also deteriorated since the SlingPlayer update.