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    Amazon Fire TV SlingTV App Login Issue

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      I've been a long time user of Slingbox, watching it on my iPad, and on my Mac. I am now trying to watch my slingbox on my Amazon Fire TV, but I keep getting error 2-16 - email or password is incorrect - when I try to log in. Is there a different account that has to be set up for the Amazon Fire TV SlingTV app? According to the Sling website, I am supposed to be able to view my slingbox broadcast content on my Fire TV app, but there's no indication on the site of what I might be doing wrong. From: Slingbox.com - Slingplayer for Amazon Fire TV FAQ



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      I did notice that when I try to go to slingtv.com to login, my slingbox credentials don't work there either. I don't want to pay for SlingTV right now - just watch the broadcast from my slingbox on my Fire TV app. Thanks in advance.