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    Slingbox Pro HD does not get a video signal

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      I am not getting a video signal on a slingbox pro hd. I have an HDMI connection from my cable box to my TV and am getting a perfect picture there (with sound). I am using component cables from the cable box outputs to the inputs of the slingbox. I am getting an audio signal fine but no video signal (it says "No Video Signal" on screen) when viewed from a browser. I've tried disconnecting the HDMI cable (I've heard that can cause an issue) but did not alleviate the problem. I tried swapping out the component cables also (no dice).


      I am thinking something is physically wrong with the box but am curious to see if anyone has any other thoughts on the matter.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Brian!


          When you removed the HDMI cable from the cablebox, did you unplug the actual cablebox after? With a lot of cableboxes, if you don't power cycle them, they still detect the HDMI and the Selectable Output Control software does not disable itself.


          From the sound of it, I would think this is SOC and the HDMI may still be the problem. If not, you've already tested and replaced the component cables, so it is still possible something has shorted out within the video outputs.


          I hope this helps!!